Cover Art to Carriers: The Croc King #1

My cover art to the new comic book Carriers: The Croc King issue #1 published by Pilot Studios is currently available over at IndyPlanet.us!

Sara. Pencil on toned paper. Art created… back in February 2016, I think.

via Instagram http://bit.ly/2tcMrl8

Jamie. Galaxy hair. Multicolored ballpoint pen on paper. Art created back in January 2016.

via Instagram http://bit.ly/2td3bJ1

Last one for today. Denzel Washington. Ballpoint pen, brushpen and ink on bristol.

via Instagram http://bit.ly/2tCpYAZ

Halo 5 Guardians: Agent Locke. Also one of the few artworks that I streamed live on Twitch.tv back in 2015.

via Instagram http://bit.ly/2sllKJC