Art Commissions

Please use the Contact Form or send an inquiry to the e-mail address below:

*I cannot offer unsolicited pro-bono or free work at this time. Thank you for understanding.



Art commissions are currently open for the following:

  • Pen & ink drawing at 11″x14″ maximum size. (Minimum is 8″x10″)
    • Black & white only.
    • Commission rate vary depending on complexity of the subject.

The type of art commissions offered do differ depending on my schedule. Changes are announced on this page. Please understand that commissions are done outside of my work and family time. Contact me for the current turnaround time.

The following restrictions do apply:

  • Due to legal and copyright issues, I cannot accept an art commission that contain any original character or intellectual property currently in development. My lawyer made me say this. In other words, I cannot do your development work for you through an art commission request—that’s what concept art projects are for. But you are more than welcome to contact me about my concept art rate.
  • In accordance with copyright laws, a signed agreement must be made whereby you agree not to reprint or reproduce copies of the original commissioned artwork. Which means, that sexy Wonder Woman commissioned art cannot be made into prints. We’ll both get in trouble with the owners of the characters or intellectual property.
  • Any portrait art commission based on the likeness of a real person must have a signed model release from the model/subject. (Animals are excluded. Oh, and aliens, too.)
  • Payment must be made upfront prior to starting the artwork. Checks and Paypal payments must clear first.